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We’ve got some really great projects in the works! Below are some initial projects, but many more are on the way. Come back soon to see what else we’ve been cookin’ up.

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KITCHEN expansion

Our house had just been flipped when we bought it, but the kitchen was small and overall the first floor layout was just goofy. The house is a traditional city row home, and for some reason, it had two separate staircases. Once my husband and I got the idea to move one of the staircases to stack below the other, we had the opportunity to expand the kitchen. Stay tuned for images of the completed project. For now, here are some images of the before, demo and progress. I plan to do a blog post sharing more details when this project is complete. Sign up with your email at the bottom of this page so you can see the final reveal!

bathroom renovation

This bathroom was full-gut renovation and it was so much fun to design! The real challenge was making the space seem light and large. Space wise, it is quite small so we kept the finishes light. To avoid the monotony of just plain white subway, we added the subway minis and marble accents! Like most projects, this room did not have an infinite budget, so we had to be careful about where we spent the $$ in a way that was most impactful. For this project, the splurge was with the marble hex flooring. Mixed with the marble pencil tile accent, we tied the walls and floors together in a simple, yet sophisticated way. Paired with some cheerful accessories, we created a warm and inviting bathroom!

living room design

When we moved our staircase, we ended up entirely opening up the first floor. We are still  doing some finish work on the ground floor, but here are some before, demo and progress shots in the mean time. Along with the kitchen, I plan to post with the final reveal once we are done with all the construction!

guest bedroom design

I decided to paint this room DARK. I think many people will be shocked by the dark paint in this bedroom transformation, but I simply love it. After renting in various apartments for the past 7 years, I was ready to explore color in a big way. This room gets great morning and afternoon sun with it's East and South facing windows, so I went dark and moody with it. I firmly believe that Millennial Pink is a neutral and that it is here to stay. I love how the pinks, whites and grey brighten the space and add a dramatic contrast. I struggled for weeks to find the perfect curtains, and ultimately ending up picking my own drapery fabric for my mom to sew custom curtains. Stay tuned for more pictures!

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